New Orders

All orders are based on your specifications and the signed sales contract is required to begin production. Orders may not be cancelled or changed once they have been confirmed without our written consent. Orders are subject to a mutually agreeable production schedule to be determined when the sales contract has been received and specifications confirmed.

Any order cancelled once confirmed will be charged a restocking fee of twenty percent.

Change Orders

Changes to any confirmed order may incur additional charges based on the specific change. This charge is determined at the time of the change reqeust.

On Delivery

It is the Buyer's responsibility to have the following terms met upon our arrival to erect walk-in boxes on site.

  • Buyer must be at the job site, when our truck arrives, to insure that someone knows where the box is to be placed.

  • The job site must be free of any obstructions where the walk-in box is to be placed. Area must also be swept clean prior to our arrival.

  • The building floor must be level or close to level. We can level the walk-in box up only to a certain degree. Gaps created by leveling the box are not filled in by Sure-Kol. Filling in any spaces created by leveling are the responsibility of the contractor or other parties. We must operate under the premise of dealing with a level floor.

  • It is not Sure-Kol's responsibility to make sure the box physically fits into an area. Field measurements are the responsibility of the buyer (Length + 2" x Width + 2" x Height + 2").

  • All job site areas must provide proper circulation of air and controlled humidity to prevent condensation on exterior walls of the box.

  • If the job must go through a tight door entrance or a small basement entrance, it is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure the panels can get to the area of the job.

  • Removal and disposal of any crating is the responsibility of the buyer.

  • All COD payments are to be COLLECTED upon our arrival at the job site in the form of CASH or CERTIFIED CHECK. Inspection of the panels may take place before they are unloaded from our truck.

Time lost because of non-compliance with these conditions will result in extra charges on your bill.

We Have:

  • Glass Display Doors
  • Lighting and Shelving
  • Beer Battens
  • Diamond Plate Floor
  • Sight Glass
  • Kick Plates
  • Removable Ramps
  • Meat Rails and Hooks

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